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Massage Treatments

Bespoke Body Ritual

A massage treatment customised to give you a truly unique spa experience.

Choose your massage style and time for a completely therapeutic treatment. Choose from Deep Tissue, Swedish or relaxing Aromatherapy massage to pinpoint and alleviate any muscular tension enhanced with a blend of our essential oils tailored to your preferences.

55mins- 50€

45mins- 40€

25mins- 30€

Bespoke Bump Ritual

Your perfect pregnancy treatment to target areas of stress and strain as your bump grows.

Relax into our pregnancy support pillow and find your most comfortable position as we use varying breathing and massage techniques to help relieve tension in the areas you need it most. Reflexology over the hands or feet helps you to become your most relaxed, enabling a great night’s sleep and a true rest to follow this treatment.

70mins - 65€

Thermo-Therapy Experience

A full body massage using hot stones to unlock tension deep in the muscles and focus the bodies energy.

The stones are used as an extension of the hands to enable a deeper massage as well as being placed on the energy centres of the body. This treatment will help your muscular tension but also relax your mind as your natural energy is encouraged to flow.

Note: not suitable at any stage of pregnancy.

70mins - 65€


An ancient holistic healing technique to treat the whole body, mind and spirit by activating specific reflex points on the feet.

The entirety of the body is represented on the soles of the feet. By working over these with a special massage technique a deep feeling of calm and relaxation will be brought over the body.

The treatment includes a pre and a post treatment massage.

55 mins - 50€

Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing ancient treatment for the upper back, arms, shoulders, face and scalp.

Indian Head Massage is based on an ancient Ayurvedic holistic healing therapy to restore balance and inner harmony to the body. This treatment uses multiple massage techniques to ease tension in this area synonymous with stress tension and nervous energy.

45 mins - 40€

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